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Victor B. Glenn, CPA

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Small Business Solutions

Let us help set up your small business financial needs. We have the resources and experience to provide accounting and bookkeeping services. We will review your business financial management and help plan your company budget to meet your tax liability.


Accounting services including financial statements and annual reports.


We will complete required tax documents and filings for your business.

If interested in using our tax preparation services, call to schedule an appointment with us today.



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From Start-up to Tax Filing

We will start you out right

Starting a business requires expertise to establish financial planning, liability protection, and recordkeeping, we provide everything you need.


Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services

We will manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs, establish payroll, create financial statements and annual reports, and submit timely sales, payroll, and income tax filings.


Representation if you need it

Our certified tax professionals will represent you and your business if it is chosen for an IRS or State audit.

Business Solutions by Experienced Professionals


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